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Who dares fly in flu fear face

Shot in the arm: A serum sample being collected at Regional Disease Diagnostic Laboratory, Belgachhi

Ramita Das,
Achena Park

The drop in chicken consumption is certainly more panic than precaution. Despite experts asserting that cooked chicken can be consumed without any risk of contracting bird flu, poultry items no longer find a place on the table of the common people. They have also been removed from the menu of hotels, airlines and hospitals. The government's knee-jerk reaction to the avian flu threat may have forced many to abandon chicken.

Ankhi mukherjee,

The sudden drop in the consumption of chicken is surely more panic than precaution. Humans cannot be infected with bird flu by having properly boiled chicken or egg. The media is partly responsible for the reaction of the public.

Khalid Pervez,
Lake Gardens

The adage 'prevention is better than cure' seems to be the motto of most Indians at the moment. It is quite obvious that people have stopped consuming chicken as a precautionary measure. If people had stopped consuming all forms of meat and turned vegetarians overnight, we could have concluded that it was a result of panic.

Sayan Banerjee,

Definitely. People who have stopped consuming chicken are not aware of the characteristics of bird flu. They should realise that chances of getting infected with avian flu by eating cooked chicken are remote. The media are playing a negative role in this regard. They are focussing on those who are not having chicken rather than those who are.

Hemanta Kumar Dutta,

I don't think the drop in consumption of chicken is panic rather than precaution. The present state of affairs warrants adoption of stringent measures. It is premature to reach any conclusion as contradictory views are being circulated by different sources. The spread of virus from poultry to human beings is a possibility that cannot be ignored or taken lightly.

Sudipto Mukhopadhyay,

I think the drop in chicken consumption is more panic than precaution. The virus hasn't affected a single person in India. Instead of panicking, we should find out more about the disease. According to experts, chicken and egg can be had after proper cooking. People who are avoiding poultry products totally are being overcautious.

Dipro Ray,
Beniapukur Lane

The bird flu virus has not yet affected poultry in West Bengal, yet people in the state have stopped consuming chicken and egg. This is panic for sure. Precaution up to a certain level is understandable. But when it crosses limits, it's definitely panic. The huge media coverage has blown the issue out of proportion. As a result, most people are losing faith in the assurances by the government.

Payel Bhattacharyya,

People these days tend to show extreme reactions without understanding an issue properly. The drop in consumption is a setback for the chicken industry. I would thank the media for generating awareness in this respect.

joydeep chatterjee,

The drop in consumption of poultry products is a precautionary measure rather than a panic reaction. Vaccine for avian flu has not yet been discovered, so people cannot be blamed for stopping consumption of chicken and egg.

Rahul roy,
Dum Dum

Panic and mass hysteria are the key to the drop in chicken consumption. Scientists have stressed that there is no danger in eating properly cooked poultry products. The extreme reaction cannot thus be termed as a precautionary measure. Moreover, no bird flu case in humans have been reported in the country so far.

Atri Bose,
Salt Lake

The drop in chicken consumption is definitely more panic than precaution. Instead of ensuring that they only have properly cooked chicken and egg, people have stopped consuming poultry products totally.

Saikat Hazra,

Life is precious and few would dare to risk it to savour the taste of chicken dishes. Government should take firm steps to dispel the panic among the masses.

Indranil Sanyal,

It is a result of a mix of panic and precaution. Most people do not want to take a chance. The government should ensure that the disease does not spread.

Joyeeta Dey,

The drop in chicken consumption is more of a precaution. Though no human cases have been reported, people cannot be blamed for wanting to minimise the risk.

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