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Know your enemy
In Isaac Asimovís collection of stories, I, Robot, robots rise up against humanity. In the classic sci-fi thriller Blade Runner, a bounty hunter must exterminate intelligent androids that are both deadly and very unhappy with their creators. Even in 1920, when the playwright Karel...  | Read.. 
Meet mr fuzzy logic
It is rare for people at my age to be interested in science and also make a contribution to it,” remarks Prof. Lotfi Zadeh. He has just presented a paper called “Generalised Theory of Uncertainty”, which, if accepted, will enhance probability theory. And he is just 85. Age has never been a barrier for this engineer turned mathematician — only staid ways of solving ...  | Read.. 
Know your enemy
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Keep the thugs out!
A friend recently took a broadband connection like many others, and surfed merrily at the speed of light. Till the bill came ' Rs 80,000 was what she was slapped with as extra download charge. The cost of downloading stuff worth 57 GB on a PC with a ...  | Read.. 
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Good medicine
Anybody up for a spinal tap' How about a needle through your ribs to siphon fluid from around your lungs' ...  | Read.. 
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QED: Science Ambushed
The vatican did it to Galileo in the 17th Century. The Bush administration is now doing it in the 21st Century: muzzling scientists to prevent them making public uncomfortable facts. George W. Bush and his government would have succeeded but for the j ...  | Read.. 
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The equation that couldnít be solved Mario Livio Simon & Schuster; $ 26.95...  | Read.. 
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