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Meet the new model Ford

London, Feb. 24: Its nearly three years since Harrison Fords last movie, the poorly received Hollywood Homicide, disappeared from the cinemas, and since then the actor, too, has dropped from the Hollywood radar. Now, with a new film, Firewall, soon to be released, he is back, and he appears to be a changed man.

It is amazing the difference three years and a pretty girlfriend have made to the once-gruff Ford, who shunned interviews and made no secret of his dislike for personal questions. Now he laughs, cracks jokes and willingly talks about himself and his life with former Ally McBeal star Calista Flockhart, 40, who is 23 years his junior.

Im a kinder, gentler Harrison Ford than I once was, he admits with a smile.

While co-stars Josh Hartnett and Lou Diamond Phillips publicly commented on how difficult it was to get a smile out of him on the Hollywood Homicide set, Firewall co-star Paul Bettany says: Hes very, very funny. I have laughed more with him than almost anybody else I have ever worked with.

There is little doubt that Flockhart is the reason.

Mention her, and he says: You mean the pretty one' Shes a wonderful human being. Shes a wonderful companion for me. Shes a great mother and a brilliant actress. Other than that, he adds, I cant figure out why I like her.

With grey hair and sporting a hoop earring in his left ear, Ford is 63 but looks 20 years younger, yet that does not stop him taking advantage of his advancing years.

When he and Flockhart go out to the cinema, he always asks for his senior citizens discount. Its partly cheapness and partly vanity, he says with a smile.

I think its funny. Its ridiculous that there is some line where you become a senior citizen ' but Ill take the discount.

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