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Of gags and licences
On February 21, a court in Austria sentenced the British 'historian', David Irving, to three years' imprisonment for denying the Nazi Holocaust against Jews in a speech made to a neo-Nazi meeting as far back as 1989. In the process, the Austrian cour...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Killing fields
Sir ' Daily news reports and contradictory advertisements show that the government and the poultry ...  | Read.. 
If the whole world was rattled when avian flu started crossing the species barrier in 2003, it should not be surprising that ...| Read.. 
A makeover of Calcutta's image has now been put on hold. The left-run Calcutta municipal corporation has decided that hawkers...| Read.. 
Straight from the bench
The Supreme Court in India seems to have taken on the role of the executive. The 'bench' is performing the functions of the '...  | Read.. 
Man is the measure of all things, of the existence of the things that are, and the non-existence of the things that are not. ' PROTAGORAS
Vincent's sketches
'Drawing is the root of everything': thus wrote Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890), ...  | Read.. 
Living in a flawed world
From The Ramparts By Ashok Mitra, Tulika, Rs 450 ...  | Read.. 
An ancient faith revisited
The nation-building agenda of Indian nationalists in the nineteenth century...  | Read.. 
In search of the Tommy
Sahib: The British soldier in India By Richard Holmes, HarperCollins, ...  | Read.. 
Just keep it simple
If you check out the bibliography of scholarly books, you would find severa...  | Read.. 

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