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Laptop, clad in leather

London, Feb. 23: For the executive who has everything but who feels let down by their scruffy, battered laptop, comes the ultimate in geek chic.

Designers yesterday unveiled the world’s first leather notebook ' a powerful portable computer encased in real cowhide. While the finish may not be to everyone’s taste, its creators believe it will appeal to people who enjoy the finer things in life.

They also say it signals a move towards more natural materials replacing the cheap plastic and metal coatings found in computers.

Markus Wierzock, one of the designers who created the laptop for the computer company Asus, said: “We are also looking at using wood for desk top computers. Leather is more for personal objects, but wood has associations with static objects.”

The leather-clad S6 laptop computer will be available in light, dark, white and shocking pink. The leather covers the lid of the notebook as well as the palm rests below the keyboard.

According to Asus, each piece of leather is hand-pressed with a unique texture and stuck to the plastic casing with glue. The base is conventional plastic and metal to allow ventilation. The machine took a year to perfect and will arrive in Britain around Easter.

Asus has filed around 20 patents on the leather covering.

“It makes perfect sense to use leather on hand-held objects,” said Mr Wierzock. “People are used to leather wallets and this is an extension of that. It’s for people who are sitting down in a nice hotel and want to open up a laptop that doesn’t look too bad.”

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