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Is celebrating V-Day against our culture'

No. celebrating Valentine's Day is now a part of global culture. But there's too much hype surrounding it.

Soumava chowdhury
Scottish Church College

Love is universal and V-Day is a symbolic representation of love. How can it possibly be against any particular culture!

Soumya Dhar

Valentine's Day is all about expressing your love for your dear ones. It originated in the West, but it is not against our culture.

Deigratia Pakyntein

Yes. celebrating occasions like Valentine's Day is taking Indians away from their own rich culture. The media gives undue importance to it.

Shikha Shroff

India is a country where the Taj Mahal, an eternal symbol of love, was built. How can celebrating Valentine's Day go against Indian culture!

Anjan Saha

Yes, it is a most indecent festival. It is certainly not a part of the culture we have inherited from our ancestors.

Ritesh Lodha

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