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Thousands rally against cartoons, shun violence
Tens of thousands of Pakistani Islamists wielding sticks and waving green flags rallied in Karachi against cartoons of Prophet Mohammad today, the latest in a wave of protests in which five people have died. ...  | Read.. 
Find killers, urges China
Chinese President Hu Jintao has urged Pakistan to track down the gunmen who killed three Chinese engineers in a drive-by shooting, Xinhua news agency said today. ...  | Read.. 
Shut down prison, UN tells US
The US today faced mounting international calls to close its Guantanamo prison camp with UN investigators saying detainees there faced treatment amounting to torture. ...  | Read.. 
Loss of respect
Arabs said today new images of US troops abusing Iraqi prisoners had eroded their respect for the West and would fuel the fury raging over cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad. ...  | Read.. 
Report slams Nepal rights
A top UN human rights panel said today that Nepali soldiers responsible for human rights violations should be banned from participating in international peacekeeping missions ...  | Read.. 
US actress Natalie Portman at a news conference in Tokyo to promote her new film V for Vendetta. (Reuters)
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Bondís Royale nemesis picked
The cast of Sonyís Casino Royale remake is near completion...  | Read.. 
Repentant Cheney takes blame for shooting
Vice-president Dick Cheney took the blame yesterday for accidentally shooting a friend while bird h..  | Read..