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Stunning symmetry
Last year, the 100th anniversary of E=mc2 inspired an outburst of symposiums, concerts, essays and merchandise featuring Albert Einstein. This year, the same treatment is being given to another genius, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, born 250 years ago on January 27. There is more to the dovetailing of the...  | Read.. 
Dreams of a final theory
Has the third revolution in fundamental physics begun' Are space and time really illusions' To describe the universe will physicists have to invoke th ...  | Read.. 
Future belongs to GM crops
As mindless urbanisation and industrialisation swallow fertile wetlands and overuse of pesticides puts the environment in jeopardy, researchers are de ...  | Read.. 
Stunning symmetry
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Cometary ice
Icemanís DNA
Market forces
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Marriage therapy
On math phobia
No more jerky shots
Somewhat to his dismay, Lester Lefkowitz hears one question repeatedly in the introductory class on digital photography that he teaches at the International Center of Photography in New York. ...  | Read.. 
Tailpipe water
Car stereo
Risky images
In last summerís prize-winning R-rated film Me and You and Everyone We Know a barely pubescent boy is seduced into oral sex by two girls perhaps a year older, and his 6-year-old brother logs on to a pornographic chat room and solicits a g ...  | Read.. 
Mood elevator
Better than lab rats
Diabetes now haunts the brain
Childhood cancer recurs in adulthood
Men more likely to be infertile
Female foetus intensifies
Sweet scent alerts drivers
QED: Delusion by design
FIORENZO FACCHINI, PROFESSOR of evolutionary biology at the University Of Bologna, has kicked up a storm in the Vatican by playing second fiddle to Charles Darwin. Facchini says that intelligent design in the evolutionary context is not science and on ...  | Read.. 
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DEEP WATER Jacques Leslie Farrar, Strauss & Giroux; $25...  | Read.. 
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