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A gift from the fundoos
It's not as if we have forgotten what the Hindu fundoos are capable of. But since the electoral defeat of the Bharatiya Janata Party-led government at the Centre, many of us have been tempted to take a break from foregrounding resistance to th...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Paradise found
Sir ' The report, 'Indonesia's Garden of Eden reveals itself'(Feb 8), shows that there is still a ...  | Read.. 
Time to play
Sir ' The non-governmental organizations have done society a service by lodging a public interest ...  | Read.. 
Run away
Sir ' Accidents can happen any time. But rashness and irresponsibility are not expected from the e ...  | Read.. 
Rituals are often bits of history surviving as habit. They are enacted almost unthinkingly, but on reflection, might be seen ...| Read.. 
Please please me
Too many men
Out of the wilderness
Money on the mind
Happy to be of help
Not his master's voice
In all museums throughout the world one may see plaster casts of footprints of weird animals, footprints preserved for posterity, not because the animals were particularly good of their sort, but because they had the luck to walk on lava while it was cooling. There is just a faint hope that something of the same sort may happen to us.' BANJO PATERSON
Free for all
The Member of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme has been dogged by controversy ever since it was launched in 1993. The Comptroller and Auditor General of India has detected misappropriation of funds under the scheme, reports Debashis Bhattacharyya foul play: MPs spent MPLADS money on the arch of a temple in Guwahati and a private engineering college (below) in Bhubaneswar, violating MPLADS guidelines. ...  | Read..