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Dogmatic certitude
What began as an act of not-so-innocent bravado in Denmark last September has ceased to be a laughing matter. Yet, amid all the outrage, indignation and hysteria, people haven't entirely lost their sense of humour. There are at least two intervention...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
The right balance
Sir ' Abhirup Sarkar presents a well-balanced argument in 'Absolute poverty' (Feb 2). However, ther ...  | Read.. 
Famous last words
Sir ' A fresh controversy has taken hold over the nation regarding the last words of Mahatma Gandh ...  | Read.. 
The Central Statistical Organization's estimate that the gross domestic product will grow 8.1 per cent this fiscal is a confi...| Read.. 
Autocrats also love the trappings of democracy. But Nepal's King Gyanendra deceives no one with Wednesday's civic elections i...| Read.. 
Ring in the changes
Are we headed for a mid-term poll' Whenever any prime minister denies vehemently that there is no question of a mid-term poll...  | Read.. 
The struggle itself towards the heights is enough to fill a human heart. One must imagine that Sisyphus is happy. ' GAIUS JULIUS CAESAR
History's warp and weft
IN THE KASHMIRI SHAWL: FROM JAMAVAR TO PAISLEY (Mapin, Rs 3,000), Sherry ...  | Read.. 
A world lost forever
Those who have read The Man-eating Leopard of Rudraprayag by Jim Cor...  | Read.. 
To fall for the kindness of strangers
The Space Between Us By Thrity Umrigar, HarperCollins, Rs 350...  | Read.. 
Language of the market
Some multinational publishing houses have announced their plans to enter th...  | Read.. 

Contract killers and cows at play