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‘Meddling’ fuel feeds nuclear fire
In pursuing the Indo-US nuclear deal, the government has departed from its decades-old practice of encouraging indigenous nuclear capabilities and keeping bureaucrats from meddling in nuclear affairs, a former atomic energy official said today. ...  | Read.. 
Tapping guidelines
The Centre today issued a set of guidelines to all telecommunications service licensees to curb unauthorised tapping. ...  | Read.. 
Cracked: gene secret for dancers
Great dancers might owe their abilities not just to years of fatigue-defying practice but also to special genes that endow them with a unique capacity for creative dancing, a new study has indicated. ...  | Read.. 
Mr S. Khan: Aryan’s pride, other papas’ envy
Sorry, young fathers, the superstar has bagged the gold at son’s school and set a tough goal for you
If you had been a young father at this school sporting event today, you might not have felt inclined to clap very hard. ...  | Read.. 
Imran Khan welcomes Sachin Tendulkar to his home in Islamabad where the former Pakistan captain hosted a luncheon for the Indian team on Wednesday. Im ...  | Read
He is still the lynchpin of Indian batting

on Sachin Tendulkar
Nepal lolling on polling day
Armed force cop Gyan Bahadur Lama was pointing an Insas rifle at a flock of pigeons on Durbar S ...  | Read..
Airport fine print in Ambani draft
Anil Ambani’s loss could well be brother Mukesh’s gain. ...  | Read..