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Science sucked back into battle of sexes
An academic row has erupted after one of the world?s leading scientific journals refused to publish an article which claims that men and women think differently. ...  | Read.. 
Monday morning office sickness
More British workers will call in ?sick? on Monday than on any other day in 2006, many opting to make their excus ...  | Read.. 
Donated face opens door to the future
The woman who received the world?s first partial face transplant showed off her new features in a room full of reporter ...  | Read.. 
Caste aside, it?s now marriage of minds
On her 29 th birthday, Anita Ramanathan suddenly realised that she had long crossed the age at which Indian girls got married. ?I was so involved with my career that I di...  | Read.. 
Coffee break: On the rebound
This is the story of Sandeep, the son of some friends of mine, and now a green card holder in the United States, from where he is unlikely to return. When I last saw Sandeep, ...  | Read.. 
Isabelle Dinoire, who received the world's first partial face transplant. (AFP)
Donated face opens door to the future