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Hamas stays firm, Fatah men protest
Firing into the air, Fatah gunmen and police stormed Palestinian parliament buildings today in growing unrest after their long-dominant party’s crushing election defeat by Hamas Islamists. ...  | Read.. 
Bush: Hillary formidable
President George W. Bush said yesterday the race for the White House in 2008 was wide open and called potential Democratic candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton “formidable.& ...  | Read.. 
Plans to curb Pak organ sale
Following in India’s footsteps, Pakistan plans to enact a law which will curb the illegal practice of selling and buying kidneys. ...  | Read.. 
Fest travels to Marquez
Novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez wouldn’t travel to Wales to the Hay literary festival ' so the annual bookfest dubbed “the Woodstock of the mind” has gone to h ...  | Read.. 
Morales First Lady is sister
In the absence of a wife, Bolivian President Evo Morales is widely expected to ask the most important woman in his life to be first lady ' his big sister Esther. ...  | Read.. 
Poll shield in Nepal
Nepal’s royalist government has gathered dozens of candidates for next month’s municipal polls ' the country’s first elections in years ' into “safe house ...  | Read.. 
Ricky Martin performs with an unidentified singer at the Aladdin Theatre in Las Vegas, Nevada. (AFP)
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Iraq bloc
Cartoon row
Nasa rovers in movie
Spirit and Opportunity, the spunky Nasa rovers that have rolled around Mars for two years, are the ..  | Read.. 
Jolie in get-real sermon
Angelina Jolie told a summit of business leaders and politicians, many driven to distraction by the..  | Read.. 
Canadian pranksters fool Chirac
French President Jacques Chirac took a call from Canada ...  | Read..