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Osama breathes truce
Osama bin Laden warned that al Qaida was preparing new attacks inside the US, but said the group was open to a conditional truce with Americans, according to an audio tape attributed to him today. ...  | Read.. 
Study: Lack of adequate sleep slows learning
Skimping on sleep can slow certain types of learning, a new study in rats shows, and the difficulty seems to arise from a lack of new brain neurons. ...  | Read.. 
Rice plans envoy shift
Secretary of state Condoleezza Rice said yesterday she will start this year to shift some US diplomats from Europe to countries such as India and Lebanon to help some of them ...  | Read.. 
Hillary slave slap to rivals
Hillary Clinton has made an eye-catching pitch to re-establish her populist credentials with an assault on her Republican opponents in which she compared her foes in Congress ...  | Read.. 
Real Madrid striker Ronaldo's girlfriend, top model Raica Oliveira, at a fashion show in Barcelona. (AFP)
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