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Waqar slams choice of ball, wicket
- ‘Use the Duke or SG-Test’

Lahore: Former Pakistan captain and legendary speed merchant Waqar Younis wants the Australian Kookaburra ball, being used in the ongoing series, “banned” in the sub-continent.

“The seam sinks after the first eight-ten overs and there’s nothing for the bowlers... Obviously, it gets worse on wickets such as the one prepared at the Gaddafi,” Waqar told The Telegraph.

Speaking on Monday afternoon, he added: “The Boards should look at using the Duke or even the SG-Test balls... The seam is prominent and visible for much longer. Then, the balls stay harder for a longer duration and even the batsmen won’t complain.”

Duke is manufactured in the UK, while the SG-Test is made in India.

Waqar also slammed the Pakistan Cricket Board for the bland wicket here. “I can’t understand the objective... Never have I seen the Gaddafi like this... It’s shocking... I’m glad I didn’t have to bowl...”

Incidentally, even some of the current Indian bowlers have reservations about the Kookaburra.

Footnote: Waqar confessed he was “relieved” at not having to bowl at Sehwag. “If I did, I would have had to wear a helmet... He’s amazing... He just punches and the ball is past the boundary... As he doesn’t use his feet, he’s best equipped to negotiate the reverse swing...”

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