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Scripting a screen success
It’s a widescreen release coming to a theatre that’s closer to you than ever before. Consider this: In the next few weeks PVR Cinemas, the company that spearheaded the multiplex boom will be opening new theatres in Mumbai and Hyderabad. Mean...  | Read.. 
A date with style
How does a celebrated brand like Monte Carlo mark 25 years' In high style! Monte Carlo launched its Calendar 2006 in Delhi ...  | Read.. 
Never missing a beat
When the worlds of Indian classical music and Indian classical dance collide, the effect can only be sensational! No surpr ...  | Read.. 
My weekend : Sanya Shaikh
I am the kind of person who hates making plans, because time and again, I have noticed that carefully laid plans always tend ...  | Read.. 
Way to go!
A lot of people, when faced with the prospect of a holiday, often prefer to take the easy way out ' they fly to save time, or ...  | Read.. 
Memories of Dartington Hall
This is going to be a veritable pilgrimage,’ Prue laughed. ‘We’ve got to do Dartington together.’ It took ...  | Read.. 
Slow and steady
Slow sautéing is a technique that works well with most vegetables like asparagus, beans and broccoli. While cooking, these de ...  | Read.. 
Scripting a screen success
Boutique bonanza
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