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We had bought a flat and made the full payment by cheque. The flat has not been registered as the building is yet to be registered because of a case going on against the promoter.

While buying the flat, we did not check the municipal records. Now we have found that the earlier owner had not paid municipal taxes for the last 10 years and the outstanding amount is Rs 50,000. Can we file a case against the earlier owner'

Sandeep Shah, Calcutta

You can file a case against the earlier owner. But moving court should be the last resort as it might take years to recover the money. You should try to negotiate with him.

There are 15 flat-owners in our housing complex, part of which is still under construction. We want to form an association of flat-owners. The promoter and his solicitor also stay in the complex. Should we include them in the society'

Shaibal Das, Calcutta

Since they will be staying in the complex, the promoter and his solicitor have to be included in the residents’ association.

I have bought a flat on the first floor with servants’ quarters on the ground floor. The quarters has been registered along with the flat as a servants’ room. But it is not part of the Calcutta Municipal Corporation-sanctioned plan. The promoter has given a separate receipt of payment for the room. It has been assessed by the CMC and the CMC Tribunal separately for tax purposes.

A registered deed of agreement between the promoter and the landowner clearly states that the contractor shall be entitled to deal with and dispose of common spaces.

Is the servants’ room part of the common area of all flat-owners' There is no other servants’ room in the complex.

Ramesh Saha, Calcutta

The servants’ room will not fall under the common area since it is registered in your name. Although it was not part of the CMC plan, by assessing it the corporation has accepted the existence of the room.

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