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The Washington rot
In the six years since Atal Bihari Vajpayee declared, in the presence of Bill Clinton, that India and the United States of America were 'natural allies', America is increasingly looking like India. In 2000, when Clinton made his high-profile visit to...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Ringing true
Sir ' Political leaders, who feel that their popularity is on the wane, are conveniently using the ...  | Read.. 
The cabinet committee on economic affairs took the decision to reduce the foodgrain limit for below-poverty-line families an...| Read.. 
Stealing the vote can take many forms. Violence during elections is the crudest of them. In Bengal, electoral frauds seem to ...| Read.. 
Arms and the Men
The Indian army regiments' history is a subject with a beginning but without an end. Suffice it to say that it is an amazingl...  | Read.. 
From butcher to peacemaker
Achin Vanaik looks at the mythification of Ariel Sharon from a once-ruthless warrior to one of the greatest statesman of the millennium ...  | Read.. 
When it cuts both ways
Sexual partners of injecting drug users are at risk for acquiring HIV infection, and it is this link that is said to be responsible for the generalized epidemics in Asia and e...  | Read.. 
A busy man who can keep up a daily journal resembles a person preparing for bed with the shades up...When such a man publishes parts of his journal, the reader must conclude he always knew the lights were on. ' ROGER STARR