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I Am Currently studying in Class XII. I wish to pursue an astrophysics course abroad. Where can I study' Can you please give me the contact details.

Name withheld

You have not said in which country you wish to study. However, since the US and the UK are the most preferred destinations for Indian students, I will give you a list of the colleges in these two countries. You have also not stated whether you wish to pursue your undergraduation in astrophysics or want to go abroad later for your research.

However, I presume that you will want to know about the undergraduate courses as you currently study in Class XII. In the US, you can go for astrophysics in the Michigan State University ( and Princeton University (

You can also pursue a physics astro- physics major at the Ohio University ( In the UK, you can opt for your undergraduation in astrophysics at Cardiff University ( You can also pursue a physics with astrophysics course from King’s College London ( and University of Birmingham (

I have completed my graduation this year and wish to study MBA in Scotland. Which are the best universities in Scotland' I scored below 50 per cent in my graduation. Is that too low' Is it necessary to clear TOEFL' Please advise.

Tanmoy Saha

You can study MBA at the University of Strathclyde, University of Abertay Dundee, University of Glasgow and Napier University among other institutes in Scotland. A score of below 50 per cent in your graduation may not be enough to secure admission in some of the good universities. Most universities will require your TOEFL/IELTS score.

I want to know how the pre-applications are sent to foreign colleges to get the information brochures.

Sayak Mondal

Nowadays, you can ask for the information brochures from different colleges and universities through the online process. Nearly all colleges and universities have their own websites, wherein you can apply for information brochures. You can also ask for the information brochures over the telephone or through mail. You will get the relevant addresses and telephone numbers from the websites.

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