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Between two stools
If you want to play the chess of power politics on a global scale, the first rule is this: you have to consider the position and the moves of every single piece on the chessboard. The big worry about making the United States of America central to Ind...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Bitter dose
Sir ' The report, 'Karat chop chokes guru's breath' (Jan 4), does not come as a surprise. Only a fe ...  | Read.. 
India's general awareness levels are rather low, whether the subject be history or health. So the recent decision of a Suprem...| Read.. 
The link between private pleasures and technology has always been ambivalent. Reading is traditionally cherished as a solitar...| Read.. 
Playing for Pride
When Rahul Dravid and Sharad Pawar say that the parliament has other important issues to discuss than cricket, any intelligen...  | Read.. 
Why we refuse to learn
In a district of Rajasthan I asked a group of teachers who they thought was a 'motivated teacher'. After thinking for a while, one of them said: 'A 'motivated' teacher comes t...  | Read.. 
Drug trails along prison corridors
Although all injecting drug users using potentially contaminated injecting equipment are at high risk of HIV infection, specific populations are especially susceptible. These ...  | Read.. 
The natural price of labour is that price which is necessary to enable the labourers, one with another, to subsist and to perpetuate their race, without either increase or diminution. ' DAVID RICARDO