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Dead & Alive
Einstein said there would be days like this. This fall scientists announced that they had put a half dozen beryllium atoms into a “cat state.” No, they were not sprawled along a sunny windowsill. To a physicist, a “cat state” is the condition of being in two diametrically opposed...  | Read.. 
Climate transition
Earth scientists with the longest frames of reference, particularly those whose specialities begin with the prefix, ‘palaeo’, often seem to ...  | Read.. 
Lice ruined Napoleon’s army
The 1812 invasion of Russia by Napoleon’s Grand Army ranks as one of the worst military fiascos of all times. Of half a million soldiers sent to ...  | Read.. 
Dead & Alive
Synthetic life
Single idea
Past echo
Likes repel
Mama’s daughter
Competition is the key
The first notebook computers to dip below $1,000 were slow, not very stylish and not widely embraced by consumers. That was more than five years ago ' a lifetime in the digital era. ...  | Read.. 
Cancer bio-sensor
Instant checkout
Risk factor
Dawn will be 35 when her first child is born in April. Based on her age alone, she has 1 chance in 270 that her fetus has Down syndrome, a genetic defect caused by an extra chromosome that results in mental retardation and other problems. ...  | Read.. 
A few clicks on a PC
Active role
Almost like social Viagra
Ads shape teenage drinking habits
Sinusitis affects sex life
Electric cure for early birth
Image therapy for smokers
QED: Stem cell isn’t dead
The great biologist J.B.S. Haldane, in a memorable poem written shortly before his death, saw a parallel in his own experiences: “So now I am like two-faced Janus/The only god who sees his anus”. Cancer’s a Funny Thing begins: “I w ...  | Read.. 
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