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pop pope

Festive colours

And just when you thought that the festive season couldnít get any better, look whoís joined the party! Pope Benedict XVI added a dash of colour to his papal dress by walking into St Peterís Square in a red cloak and a red velvet hat lined with white fur. Of course, everyone thought he wanted to look like Santa, but it was discovered later that the Pope wasnít really going the Father Christmas way. Vatican officials revealed that the hat, technically known as a camauro, has been part of the papal wardrobe since the 12th century. Itís another matter that not many modern-day Popes have been very fond of the headgear. In fact, it hasnít been worn in public since the death of Pope John XIII in 1963. And we thought that Pope Benedict XVI was coming around with gifts for the kids on Christmas this year.

magic hour

Spice it up

Do you dream of travelling through the sand dunes of Afghanistan and the jungles of Sri Lanka' If the answer is yes, then Spice Adventures is a game you must try your hand at. Produced by Majlis, an NGO, the game combines the best of Japanese animation, Hindi film narratives and Indian miniature art to take you on a rollicking adventure through time and space zones. So, for a unique adventure, get your own CD today.

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