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Fraud in a lab
The South Korean scandal that shook the world of science recently is just one sign of a global explosion in research that is outstripping the mechanisms meant to guard against error and fraud. Experts say the problem is only getting worse, as research projects, and the journals that publish the findings, soar. Science is often said to bar dishonesty and bad research with a triple safety net. The first is peer review, in which experts advise governments about what research to finance. The second is the referee system, which has journals ask reviewers to judge if manuscripts merit publication. The last is replication, whereby independent scientists see if the work holds up...  | Read.. 
Not the best way to learn
I drove into New Haven on a recent morning with a burning question on my mind. How did my daughter do against the chimpanzees' ...  | Read.. 
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Fraud in a lab
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In the beginning, there was black-and-white film, a tool of artists like Ansel Adams and Robert Doisneau. Then came colour film, and, more recently, digital. And now there is this: bacteria prints. ...  | Read.. 
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Do you ever feel a twitch in your arm as you watch a baseball player wallop the ball' When others cry, do your eyes tear up as well' Do you tense as a TV surgeon slices into an incision' ...  | Read.. 
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That man has just spat at me. It takes a while for what has happened to sink in. But he definitely spat at me. The glob of spittle sits on the pavement a few inches from my feet, glistening. I’m not sure what to do. No one has ever spat at me bef ...  | Read.. 
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