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For Woody, Britain’s better than US
Woody Allen, the quintessential New Yorker who has transferred his film-making affections to London, has hit out at American film financiers for trying to interfere in his projects....  | Read.. 
Lion in winter does not mind his own company
Dressed from head to toe in casual black, Omar Sharif is a saturnine apparition. His progress through the piano-tinkling ...  | Read.. 
Web pirate' Welcome, monsieur
Filmmakers and record companies are outraged by a parliamentary vote to make France the first country in the world to le ...  | Read.. 
Put on your dancing shoes
The UK-based band Blue’s Born love blares in the 1,200 sq. ft dance floor at Dance World, a Padatik venture on Theatre Road in central Calcutta. Teacher Shruti Mis...  | Read.. 
Body Watch
Q: I have been told that taking sour food items after an operation may be harmful since it may lead to the wounds turning septic. Is thi...  | Read.. 
Allen: Creative freedom