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Mubarak challenger jailed for forgery
An Egyptian court sentenced Opposition politician and former presidential candidate Ayman Nour to five years in jail on forgery charges today, raising a storm of outrage from liberals and reformers. ...  | Read.. 
Phone stopper
It was a conversation stopper. ...  | Read.. 
Dodo mass grave found
A mass grave of dodos, the famous flightless bird whose name became synonymous with stupidity, has been uncovered in Mauritius, scientists said. ...  | Read.. 
Putin shows off his judo skills
President Vladimir Putin showed off his judo skills today in nationwide television footage, giving a master class in his hometown. ...  | Read.. 
Peasant protest leader in Chinese custody
Chen Weiying, a peasant protest leader in southern China whose struggle was the subject of a Washington Post article last month, was detained by police and has bee ...  | Read.. 
Amiable Pooh turns 80
One of the best-loved characters in children’s fiction celebrated a special birthday today when Winnie the Pooh turned 80. ...  | Read.. 
Ayman Nour at the court in Cairo. (Reuters)
Iraq Shia defiance
Lanka hunt
Japan shield
Jesus name
US mosques on radiation watch
US officials have secretly monitored radiation levels at Muslim sites, including mosques and privat..  | Read.. 
Cherie rules out politics after Blair term ends
Cherie Blair has firmly ruled out embarking on a career in politics after her husband Tony leaves 1..  | Read.. 
Cash for UN linked to reforms
The UN General Assembly, at the insistence of the US and ot ...  | Read..