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Deal on fresh Tehran talks
Talks between Iran and the European Union’s big three powers ended on Wednesday with an agreement to hold more negotiations in January aimed at easing concerns about Tehran’s atomic programme. ...  | Read.. 
I have been beaten: Saddam
Saddam Hussein told his trial today he was beaten in US custody and, in an extraordinary outburst towards the end of the hearing, also said those who had tortured Iraqis sho ...  | Read.. 
Tiger attacks jolt peace talks
Suspected Tamil Tiger rebels killed two Sri Lankan soldiers and wounded nine others in a series of attacks in the government-held north, the army said today, as prospects for ...  | Read.. 
Canada nod to group sex
Group sex among consenting adults is neither prostitution nor a threat to society, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled today as it lifted a ban on so-called “swingers” ...  | Read.. 
A tax to die after 2000 years
A 2,000-year-old grievance will be lifted next year when China scraps taxes for hundreds of millions of peasants, the government’s traditional source of revenue. ...  | Read.. 
100% hangover-proof
Forget aspirins, hairs of dogs and hot baths, the only sure way of avoiding a hangover is not to drink in the first place, according to a new study. ...  | Read.. 
Commuters on the Brooklyn Bridge during the evening rush hour. (Reuters)
Bad Santa
Good worm
Shop riddle
Iran nuke talks
Judge held
Afghan House
Modern union, clad in tradition
British pop star Elton John tied the knot with long-term partner David Furnish today, joining hundr..  | Read.. 
Darwin passes US test
In the biggest courtroom clash on evolution for 80 years, a Pennsylvania judge yesterday ruled ..  | Read.. 
NY begs, bikes and skates to beat strike
New Yorkers begged rides on the Internet, dusted off their ...  | Read..