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Importing trouble
International agreements are usually sacred; they have to be followed. If they are violated, the violating country loses credibility and may find it difficult to have other dealings with the international community. But many times, nations have to pr...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Rebels without a cause
Sir — It is shocking to learn that one of India’s most upright and respectable prime ministers was greeted with slogans like “Manmohan murdabaad” during his visit to Jawaharlal Nehru University (“School of protest revives professor in PM”, Nov 15). That a large section of JNU students have left leanings is well-known. The prime minister, during his speech, warned against the “temple of learning” being held ransom to bigotry. Unfortunately, this ...  | Read.. 
Death may be a leveller but disease certainly is not. Not in India at least. It has taken a searing article by two Indian doc...| Read.. 
If a despotic monarch is bad for democracy, anarchists could be even more so. The pact between the Maoists and the democratic...| Read.. 
A tale of twin planets
'Essentially, we want to know why Venus went bad,' said David Southwood, head of science at the European Space Agency. 'Earth...  | Read.. 
Nehru's lessons for Manmohan
Virtually every Naga knows the story of their elders who went to Gandhi in July 1947, demanding independence. Gandhi apparently told that he believed that the Naga Hills belon...  | Read.. 
Give peace a few more chances
Set a schedule for achieving the aid to gross national income ratio of 0.7 per cent by 2015: Donors should set budget commitments at a minimum level of 0.5 per cent for 2010. ...  | Read.. 
The inscrutabilityof the East is, indeed, I believe, a myth...The ordinary inhabitant is incomprehensible merely to people who never trouble to have anything much to do with them. ' FREYA STARK