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Serious dispute
Stay away from the white stuff. Once you start, you’ll be hooked. It will ruin your life and may eventually kill you. And children, in particular, must be saved from its seductive grip. This was the message issued recently by scientists, in an effort to persuade the UK to reduce its salt intake....  | Read.. 
A grand illusion
Most of the current controversies associated with science revolve around the vastly different reactions people both within the scientific community and outside it have, not to the strange ...  | Read.. 
Everything between '0' and '1'
Adaptive. Intelligent. Quick learner. If you think all these attributes are only unique to humans, you are mistaken. Mimicking the imprecise decision-making process of the human brain, scientists have ...  | Read.. 
Serious dispute
Humour bias
Wall walker
‘Tester’ worms
Stupid birds
Final frontier
Planet mystery
Scary stories
Forget your comp
You just know that certain technologies, once they finally become inexpensive and easy to use, will be earth-shattering hits: instant viewing of any movie ever made, nonpolluting cars, cell phones that don’t drop calls. ...  | Read.. 
Power knee
Post-focus photo
Killer at large
The classical medical teaching was that it is a disease of ‘bad girls’. But then doctors gradually realised that not just the promiscous, it can affect any sexually active woman. By the middle of the 1960s, cancer specialists knew that at l ...  | Read.. 
Obsession for data
Fruit shield
When brain signals misfire
First human to shake off AIDS
High IQ linked to longevity
Mom’s diet eases child’s colic
Nazi doctor loses credit
QED: Pirates’ win
Anti-piracy movement will take a backseat, for sure. Stung by criticism and legal notices, the world’s second-largest music label Sony BMG has temporarily suspended making music CDs with antipiracy technology. ...  | Read.. 
Doctor's Desk
This week: facial surgery