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After the National Democratic Alliance lost the Lok Sabha elections last year, as Manmohan Singh was in the process of putting final touches to his cabinet and deciding the portfolios of the UPA ministers, there was a crucial, but secret, top-level exchange of views between the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Congress. ...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Service with a smile
Sir ' In 'Slave, scab, pipe dream' (Nov 11), Ashok Mitra compares call centre workers to prisoners ...  | Read.. 
The minister of commerce and industry, Mr Kamal Nath, has urged exporters to take Indian merchandise exports to $100 billion...| Read.. 
Jehanabad notwithstanding, it may be alarmist to say that the spectre of Maoism is haunting India. Maoist violence still rema...| Read.. 
Ties That Need To Be Mended
It was sad to read about three naval officials being sacked for data leak. Ever since the ignominious exit of the navy chief,...  | Read.. 
Defy the herd instinct
The fact that the political choice of Muslims is largely guided by a sense of fear is bad for the social health of India, writes Sumanta Sen ...  | Read.. 
To break the cycle of deprivation
Exercises such as these describe what outcomes are possible. Working towards these outcomes will require new directions in public policy....  | Read.. 
The imitator is a poor kind of creature. If the man who paints only the tree, or a flower, or other surface he sees before him were an artist, the king of artists would be the photographer. ' J.M. WHISTLER