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Relax, chastity belt is in place
- Survey says indians remain virgin the longest

New Delhi, Nov. 8: Indians are the oldest to lose their virginity and have the fewest sexual partners, but appear to be as happy as others with their sex lives, the latest global sex survey has revealed.

People in India lose their virginity at an average age of nearly 20 years, while teenagers in Iceland are the youngest to have sex at 15.6 years, said the survey conducted by international condom and sex-aid vendor Durex.

The annual survey for 2005, billed as the “largest sexual health research project of its kind” in the world, has shown that half of all adults are happy with their sex lives, but men are the least satisfied with how often they have sex.

The survey has bestowed Greece the title of the sexiest country in the world. Greeks have sex 138 times a year, far higher than the global average of 103. Indians are among the least sexually active with their average frequency of 75 times a year, sandwiched between Singapore (73) and Indonesia (77).

But the “least amorous” people appear to be the Japanese who have sex on average only 45 times a year, according to the survey that covered more than 317,000 people in 41 countries. This is the fourth year that the survey has been carried out through the website. The analysis of responses presents a “truly global picture” of sexual attitudes and behaviour, the company said.

The proportion of Indians happy with their sex lives is 46 per cent, close to the global average of 44 per cent. Only 19 per cent of Indians wished they had sex more frequently compared to the global average of 36 per cent. Scandinavians are the least satisfied while Poland topped the contentment chart.

Indians had the fewest sexual partners ' an average of three ' while Turks had more partners (14) than people from any other country. Globally, people had an average of nine sexual partners.

Most people believe that sex education should start just before a child turns 12. And virtually all the people surveyed believe that children 16 years and younger should receive sex education.

The most common site for adults to have sex outside the bedroom was in cars. Globally, 15 per cent of people have had sex at work. Australians top the league (54 per cent) for sex in the park, while eight out of 10 Italians have had sex in the car. Twenty-one per cent of Indians reported having sex in their parents’ bedroom, 14 per cent in the car and 6 per cent at work.

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