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Wounded France faces moment of truth
France is wounded and faces a moment of truth, Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin said today, after his government approved the use of curfews to quell 12 nights of rioting. ...  | Read.. 
Copycat clashes in Brussels
Five cars were set on fire in Brussels overnight, raising the number of vehicles burned in the Belgian capital to 10 since Sunday in what officials say appeared to be an imit ...  | Read.. 
Saddam trial lawyer killed
Gunmen shot two lawyers defending Saddam Husseinís co-defendants in a trial for crimes against humanity today, killing one and slightly wounding the other, police and de ...  | Read.. 
Chemical arms smear on US
US forces in Iraq have used incendiary white phosphorus against civilians and a firebomb similar to napalm against military targets, Italian state-run broadcaster RAI reporte ...  | Read.. 
The mother (centre) and sisters of Redha, a young man whose hand was blown off when he picked up a tear-gas shell on Monday night, leave Toulouse city hall on Tuesday after a meeting with the deputy mayor. (AFP)
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China heat on Christians
A Chinese court sentenced a Protestant minister, his wife and her brother to prison terms of up to ..  | Read.. 
As tremor starts, get the size
With the devastation of last monthís Pakistan earthquake still fresh in the mind, scientists s..  | Read..