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Death in awful majesty
The calamity of Kashmir is a wound on a wounded body. It is death arriving in awful majesty in a place where death has become a grubby, ugly, everyday affair. There has been so much man-made dying in Kashmir that, if one believed in God, one might sa...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Rules of friendship
Sir ' While taking up the cause of Iran, Ashok Mitra makes no mention of the fact that the Iranian ...  | Read.. 
The position of Mr K. Natwar Singh, the minister for external affairs, had become untenable in the Union cabinet. By resignin...| Read.. 
The bigger the better, seems to be the sentiment of the University of Calcutta. Undaunted by the enormous number of students ...| Read.. 
Facts of the matter
Natwar Singh and his son continue to dominate the news ' no fresh inputs, no worthwhile responses except for the left positio...  | Read.. 
Adding to the frills
Bihar has already seen two rounds of voting in an election which seems to be an unending affair. That is because of the Election Commission, which decided in its wisdom that t...  | Read.. 
The two modern scourges
At the start of the 21st century we live in a divided world. The size of the divide poses a fundamental challenge to the global human community. Part of that challenge is ethi...  | Read.. 
Death stands above me, whispering low/ I know not what into my ear;/ Of his strange language all I know/ Is, there is not a word of fear. ' WALTER SAVAGE LANDOR