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Blunkett out, mystery stays in place
A lonely man, made lonelier by his blindness, searching for love ' that is probably the kindest way to describe the private wilderness of David Blunkett, a senior Labour politician who resigned from the cabinet today, the second time he has been forced to do so in less than a year. ...  | Read.. 
Hawks win support over aid
Islamic radicals have strengthened their popular support in Pakistan by taking advantage of the government’s initially faltering aid relief for earthquake victims. ...  | Read.. 
Increase in quake toll
Pakistan today dramatically increased the official death toll of the October 8 earthquake to 73,276 and said it could rise further ...  | Read.. 
CIA’s covert prison system
The CIA has been hiding and interrogating some of its most important al Qaida captives at a Soviet-era compound in eastern Europe, according to US and foreign officials f ...  | Read.. 
US singer Ashlee Simpson at a TV show in Toronto. (Reuters)
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Lost & real
Iraq blast kills 23
Bangla threat
Sharif plea
China mobile
What does Bush carry in pockets'
Inquiring minds want to know. What does President George W. Bush carry in his pockets' Not much, it..  | Read.. 
Madonna Confession: Hung Up on new tech
When Madonna takes the stage in Lisbon tomorrow to perform her new single Hung Up, it will ..  | Read.. 
Chirac calls for calm as rioting continues
President Jacques Chirac urged calm and dialogue today afte ...  | Read.. 

Al Qaida top gun escapes
Omar al-Faruq, one of al Qaida’s most senior global op ...  | Read..