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Farce forward
If the Indo-US nuclear deal of July 18, the inevitable passage to India's eventual status as a nuclear weapons state, falls by the wayside ' and it seems very likely as of now ' a big chunk of the responsibility for such a catastrophe must rest on th...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Opening a loophole
Sir ' The Centre should take public opinion into consideration before allowing people from Pakistan ...  | Read.. 
If Caesar's wife, in Roman times, was asked to be above suspicion, then it follows that a cabinet minister in a democracy sho...| Read.. 
Self-interest may drive individuals and states, but it is not always the basis for good economic sense. Apparently, Jharkhand...| Read.. 
Riches in a corn field
The impact of crude oil prices nearly doubling in the last four months has occasioned a check on petrol consumption the world...  | Read.. 
Evil designs
The violence in Karbi Anglong shows that the government should be more sceptical about demands for ethnic homelands, says Sanjib Baruah ...  | Read.. 
For responsible governance
This report is about the scale of the challenge facing the world at the start of the 10-year countdown to 2015. Its focus is on what governments in rich countries can do to ke...  | Read.. 
Whatever we say, the happiest moment of the happy man is that of his falling asleep, just as the unhappiest moment of the unhappy man is that of his awakening. ' ARTHUR SCHOPENHAUER