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Knight Shyamalan fights DVD devil to save screen
One of Hollywood’s top filmmakers delivered a rallying cry to America’s theatre owners, warning that one of the great American traditions ' the collective filmgoing experience ' was being threatened with extinction....  | Read.. 
French icon plans to quit
The film career of Gerard Depardieu, France’s greatest screen actor and most ungainly sex symbol, is over, the sta ...  | Read.. 
Silent phone calls face hefty fine in Britain
Companies that pester British consumers with silent phone calls caused by call centres using automatic systems to dial telep ...  | Read.. 
‘Take up a part-time job’
I am a 27-year-old woman and a home science graduate. I would love to stay at home and look after my three-year-old child. But my husband says that I should take up a job b...  | Read.. 
Coffee break: Tough choices
Last month, there was a front page story in The New York Times that caused something of a furore. Written by Louise Story, it told the tale of a bright student at Yale ...  | Read.. 
Actor Jennifer Aniston at the premiere of her film Derailed at Loews Lincoln Square Theater in New York. (AFP)