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Verbal vulgarity
Incensed by what it sees as a virtual pandemic of verbal vulgarity issuing from the diverse likes of Howard Stern, Bono of U2 and Robert Novak, the US Senate is poised to consider a bill that would sharply increase the penalty for obscenity on the air. ...  | Read.. 
Faustian dilemma
There is physics. And then there is physics with music. And so, when a new opera about the atomic bomb, of all things, opened to acclaim this month in ...  | Read.. 
Greek-era death ray myth persists
Did Archimedes really produce a death ray 2,200 years ago' According to Greek and Roman historians, he set Roman warships afire with a polished mirro ...  | Read.. 
Verbal vulgarity
Drug power
Killer host
Deep secrets
Nothing new
Mental troubles
Locked screen layer
It has been almost 120 years since Heinrich Hertz became the first person to detect and transmit radio waves. Nowadays, just about anyone can transmit radio waves ' that is what you do when you set up a homeWi-Fi network. ...  | Read.. 
Spy camera
Flexible display
Stupid accident
The worst for a child about being ill in hospital, says Eric-Emanuel Schmitt, is not pain, or even fear, but loneliness. Mothers and fathers tend to give presents and reassurance. Doctors say they can cure. But what a sick child really needs, he says ...  | Read.. 
Mind games
Cheaper diagnosis
Yoga in the 21st century
Better-informed don’t abuse antibiotics
Obesity link to prostate cancer
Inhaled insulin more effective
Liars have abnormal brains
QED: Let others learn
In an unprecEdented move, drug multinational Bayer announced last Monday that it will allow its new antibiotic moxifloxacin to be tested against tuberculosis, one of the most neglected diseases in the world. Bayer’s decision is a part of a deal ...  | Read.. 
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How to survive a robot uprising;
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