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Iraq statute poll poised for ‘Yes’
Iraqi voters look almost certain to have approved a new US-backed constitution, overcoming Sunni Arab opposition in a vote seen by Washington as boosting its beleaguered Iraq strategy, results showed today. ...  | Read.. 
Danube delta wakes up to bird flu alarm
Romanian authorities slaughtered poultry and sent in doctors today after the deadly strain of bird flu was confirmed in the Danube delta, as officials elsewhere in Europe pre ...  | Read.. 
Moneypenny not in picture
She has waved 007 off on some of his most perilous missions, but time has finally run out for Miss Moneypenny. ...  | Read.. 
Violent video impact confirmed
Playing violent video games does make people more aggressive, according to new research. ...  | Read.. 
A Marsh Arab in Abu al Muhammen, on the outskirts of Basra, on Sunday. Saddam Hussein managed to almost destroy their culture by draining the marshes where they lived for 5,000 years, but since his removal from power, the disappearing lifestyle is again begining to thrive. (AFP)
Publicly personal Paul
Scotty in space
Bill’s buddy vs Hillary
Irish rock star Bono has been angered by Senator Hillary Clinton’s use of a U2 concert thi..  | Read.. 
Iran warned over hand in attacks
The US and its chief ally Britain have warned Iran over its possible involvement in insurgent bomb ..  | Read.. 
Revealed: Bush worry on Pak nukes
President George W. Bush appears to have given some tho ...  | Read.. 

Spy leak cloud on Bush aides
Vice-President Dick Cheney’s chief of staff could face ...  | Read.. 

Nepal boycott
Nepal’s oldest political party today said it would boy ...  | Read..