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Desi Desperate
Desperate Housewives spawns the desperately sexy Eva Longoria’s sudden superstardom. From being just another face on television she’s considered a hyperventilating hottie. With the eminently popular girlie soap being squeezed into ...  | Read.. 
‘I enjoy taking leaps into the unknown’
Aishwarya Rai from the European location of The Last Legion. By Subhash K. Jha ...  | Read.. 
Ash in a bikini' Stop panting, guys!
If you think she’s done with her most sensual look, wait till you see Dhoom 2 ...  | Read.. 
‘I don’t make conventional films’
Director Chandan Arora on what’s new in his Main Meri Patni Aur Woh ...  | Read.. 
Just 5Qs
Q:Do you think a small-town guy like you could’ve made it without Ram Gopal Varma' ...  | Read.. 
What’s up in Italy'
Even as Mallika Sherawat’s much-touted international debut goes phut and Aishwarya Rai wraps up her first truly i ...  | Read.. 
Arresting times
Groped by a female cop and threatened with a six-month sentence in London, Himanshu Mallik cries foul! By Subhash K. Jha ...  | Read.. 
Did you know about Aditya Chopra’s fetish for unwed mothers' Well, he always had a fancy for making a film on them and s ...  | Read.. 
Honoured in several film festivals, Amodini (Max Video; VC ...  | Read.. 
Saradiner bhabna aamar Dr Utpala Goswami Aahir Music; CD Rs 80 ...  | Read.. 
Smile and style
Scary movie that makes you ask for more
Priyanka Chopra