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Test for East and West
The work room of the writer Orhan Pamuk looks out over the Bosphorus, that fabled strip of water which, depending on how you see these things, separates or unites ' or, perhaps, separates and unites ' the worlds of Europe and Asia....  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Graft control
Sir — The CBI raid on Inspector Ishwar Singh has exposed the murky goings-on in the higher police administration ...  | Read.. 
Chicken or egg'
Sir ' The Chhattisgarh high court's order banning the unlicensed sale of eggs, after it held eggs t ...  | Read.. 
Yet another inter-ministerial committee to examine export incentives has been announced. There is always tension between the ...| Read.. 
Change within the changeless is an intriguing spectacle. To some extent, this is what Durga Puja in Bengal has been displayin...| Read.. 
Money for nothing
Why is it that our government has such apathy for world class sportsmen' Anju Bobby George, Soma Biswas and Sushmita Singh Ro...  | Read.. 
Cry freedom
The muzzling of the press only confirms that King Gyanendra has no intention of returning to democratic governance, writes C.K. Lal ...  | Read.. 
Keeping funds ready at hand
Extracts from the government of India’s status report on Disaster Management in India, August 2004...  | Read.. 
I should have been glad to have humanity forget all about stray alcoholic drinks...but in the present stage of human progress, this vehicle of joy could not be generally suppressed. ' H.C. HOOVER