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Making it work better
Theodore Levitt, who invented the concept of market 'segmentation', had said that companies could benefit by marketing uniform products around the world. There is today an integration of national economies into the international economy through trade...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Sob story
Sir — After reading the report, “America’s desperate Indian wives” (Oct 4), I couldn’t help chuckling to myself. Parents nearly salivate at the thought of marrying off their daughters to American HI-B visa-holders. Indeed, in some parts of India, having a son-in-law based in the United States of America is a sure way to climb the social ladder. All the women who married these so-called glamorous “techies” did have the option of saying “No” when such rishtas came...  | Read.. 
It is a strange situation when the highest court in the land must tell the other courts what kind of sentence they should imp...| Read.. 
It takes hard work to make peace. Hurdles on the way may be unavoidable, but the important thing is not to let them overtake ...| Read.. 
A twist in the tale
First they flipped, and then they flopped. Last week, the Shia Arab and Kurdish parties that dominate the transitional govern...  | Read.. 
Collective wisdom
A. Gopalakrishnan underlines a course of action that will resolve the Iran issue and also help India regain international respect ...  | Read.. 
The feeling of safety is only skin deep
If you are an Asian in Britain, catching a late-night film show can have its own perils ....  | Read.. 
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