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Radical idea
The Nobel Prize notice issued by Sweden’s Karolinska Institute last Tuesday congratulated this year’s winners in physiology and medicine, Dr Barry Marshall and Dr Robin Warren, for their “tenacity and a prepared mind to challenge prevailing dogmas.” But what the Nobel committee d...  | Read.. 
God & science
It was on the second day at Cambridge that enlightenment dawned in the form of a testy exchange between a zoologist and a paleontologist, Richard Dawk ...  | Read.. 
Physics Nobel for studying light
A scientist who worked out a theory describing the behaviour of light using quantum mechanics and two scientists who used that knowledge to develop a ...  | Read.. 
Barry Marshall (left) and Robin Warren
Radical idea
Bald protein
Typing secret
Zebra mystery
Tire recycling
Simply non-sense
Less work, more play
There’s no getting around it: Sometimes, a company’s name just seems like part of its product name, and anything else just sounds weird. Take, for example, the IBM ThinkPad ...  | Read.. 
Tooth speaker
Nano mechanic
Food for mind
The heavy, black cloud of depression can afflict people of all ages. Around 40,000 young people in Britain are taking some form of prescribed medication to treat it. However, last week, experts at the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excell ...  | Read.. 
An illusion of truth
Brain benefit
Claims don’t match data
Next flu outbreak can kill 7.4 million
Barricade against superbugs
Clowns in operating theatres
QED: What’s meant by god'
The bone of contention between Richard Dawkins and Simon Conway Morris at a seminar organised by the Templeton Foundation in Cambridge, UK, (as George Johnson reports on Page 3 of this issue) needs a little more elaboration, now that the inhabitants o ...  | Read.. 
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