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Team Iran
There are moments in the history of every nation's foreign policy and diplomacy when its leadership has to decide whether to stand up and be counted or allow itself to be stranded by a receding tide of history. The vote that India's permanent represe...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
A lot to mend
Sir ' It is heartening to find that after publishing endless paeans to Sourav Ganguly, The Teleg ...  | Read.. 
Children have no votes. This alone explains the way they are often treated by politicians. The latest instance in an appallin...| Read.. 
Every legal debate is an opportunity to interpret the law afresh. To the legal purist, that is the most significant aspect of...| Read.. 
Which Way to Fly'
For the Indian air force, completing 73 years on October 8, 2005, it is time for some introspection. The transformation of th...  | Read.. 
Not good enough
Time was when a product — a pen, a watch or an electrical gadget — marked ‘Made in Japan’ meant it was shoddy, came apart in a very short time or just stopped doing whatever it ...  | Read.. 
Eleven hours of darkness
My job took me to Delhi seven years ago. However, I have always taken pride in the fact that I did not become a Delhiite, but remained every bit a Calcuttan as I was. My frien...  | Read.. 
When we started the UN we were not trying to make a monument. We were building a workshop...for world peace. And we tried to make it the best damn workshop we could. ' W.H. HARRISON