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Scripting a turnaround
It was a triumphant onscreen first for a film institute that has been mired in trouble for years. Last week, three films made by students from Pune’s Film & Television Institute of India (FTII) for their diploma course were screened at the p...  | Read.. 
Family Ties: Ties that bind
As a youngster, Rahul Dev hoped to be a cricketer but opted instead to be an engineer. In 1993, his final year of college, ...  | Read.. 
Bollywood blends
Bollywood is not the purveyor of entertainment alone. It has also become a yardstick of Indian fashion and popular culture, e ...  | Read.. 
My weekend: Chandreyee Ghosh
Being in the acting profession, I don’t usually get an entire weekend off. But yes, as a rule, I prefer not to work on S ...  | Read.. 
Civic sense
At the recently concluded Frankfurt Motor Show, one of the launches that took the car lovers gathered there completely by sto ...  | Read.. 
Scripting a turnaround
Walking on the wild side
Catwalk’s newest queen