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Flu pandemic can kill 150 million, says UN
A global flu pandemic could kill as many as 150 million people if the world fails to prepare for an expected mutation of the bird flu virus enabling it to spread from human to human, the UN said yesterday. ...  | Read.. 
Book for that elusive word
Ever needed that elusive word to describe a fear of having no beer' Or for a woman who looks pretty from the back but not the front' Help is at hand from a new book rounding ...  | Read.. 
US caviar import ban to save fish
The US will ban imports of beluga caviar from the Caspian Sea because of concerns that the fish may die out in the wild, an environmental campaign group said. ...  | Read.. 
UK crown for US show
The US breakfast TV show Good Morning America is to be broadcast live from Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle ' and Queen Elizabeth very much approves. ...  | Read.. 
Jennifer Lopez at a fashion show in Santa Monica, California. (Reuters)
Santa fright
Flying gift
Split over Merkel hair
Two top German hairdressers are fighting over who deserves the credit for Angela Merkelís new ..  | Read.. 
Tired of tight turns' Try Pivo
Tired of all those three-point turns' Nissan Motor Co. could have a solution...  | Read.. 
25 children die in Iraq blasts
Car bombs have killed more than 110 people, 25 of them chil ...  | Read..