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Question of priorities
- Lakhs spent over two days to discuss nothing
For now, Ranbir Singh Mahendra remains the BCCI president. Picture by Santosh Ghosh

Calcutta: Excluding the build-up to the Board’s 76th AGM, the rival groups must have spoken a million words over two days.

Much of it, of course, on TV networks.

Yet, despite India’s first Test series win outside the subcontinent in over 19 years coinciding with the first day of the AGM (Thursday), nobody had anything to say about Sourav Ganguly and his men.

Neither Jagmohan Dalmiya nor Sharad Pawar, the rival protagonists.

Even the president, Ranbir Singh Mahendra (obviously more intent on saving his chair), didn’t think it necessary to publicly offer his congratulations.

Clearly, the priorities of the Pawars and Dalmiyas aren’t exactly cricket-oriented. It’s all about power and, well, more power.

Former president Raj Singh Dungarpur, a one-time first-class cricketer and ‘expert’ in Pawar’s camp, also didn’t have anything to say.

Perhaps, because he’s a Sourav-basher.

However, he did tell The Telegraph: “The AGMs are becoming court-oriented and vote-oriented' I feel out of place.”

Ironically, he has himself been a part of that court-vote business.

That the Board spent lakhs over the two days, without discussing even one item on the agenda, tells its own pathetic tale.

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