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Rock row still rankles Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan is still upset, it seems, by the scorn heaped on him in the 1960s by folk music purists in Britain for his “treachery” in abandoning his traditional sound for electric rock....  | Read.. 
Live on TV: Tyra takes ‘fake’ rumour off chest
Supermodel Tyra Banks underwent a sonogram on her own television show to quell rumours that she had breast implants. ...  | Read.. 
Charming scent of the romantic era
Edvard Greig’s largeness of heart lay in the fact that he composed for the people, almost always planked on the deep-rooted Nordic folk traditions; hence, his pieces foun...  | Read.. 
Blue mood of a desolate lover
The RKM Institute of Culture presented Suro Ranjan Mukherjee at the Vivekananda Hall (September 15). His sarod literally ‘sang’ Puriya Kalyan, emoting the rom...  | Read.. 
Six-minute festival
Samantaral hosted the 5th National Festival for Poetry and Recitation in a single evening that featured exactly six minutes of elocution! The invite had promised the participa...  | Read.. 
Elongated anatomy
Worse than a potboiler
Showcasing nature
Tom Hanks in Washington at the premiere of the movie Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon 3D, featuring images of the moon filmed by Apo ...  | Read