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Snowballing Rita targets Texas
After lashing the Florida Keys, Hurricane Rita was upgraded on Wednesday into a more powerful Category 4 storm as it headed across the Gulf of Mexico on a course that could take it to Texas and dump more rain on Katrina-battered Louisiana. ...  | Read.. 
New Orleans prepared
New Orleans residents prepared to evacuate again yesterday as Hurricane Rita headed toward the Gulf of Mexico, but the residents who have trickled back since Katrinaís d ...  | Read.. 
Moss woes multiply
Burberry cancelled a deal with supermodel Kate Moss and Chanel decided not to renew her contract today, as police said they were investigating allegations that she recently u ...  | Read.. 
Google faces copyright suit
US writers are suing Google Inc. in a federal court, alleging that the web search leaderís bid to digitise the book collections of major libraries infringes individual a ...  | Read.. 
BY toutatis!: A man dressed as Asterix hugs Albert Uderzo, the cartoonist and creator of the Gallic hero , after two Brussels airlines planes were dec ...  | Read
Clinton condoms
Shrek poll
NY lights out for birds
The city that never sleeps will darken the lights of the famed Manhattan skyline after midnight to ..  | Read.. 
Basra blow to Britain
Iraqi police staged an angry anti-British protest in Basra today as London and Baghdad sought to qu..  | Read.. 
Russia brakes on EU action on Iran
An EU drive to haul Iran before the UN Security Council ove ...  | Read..