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Iraq war gets verse for Blair

London, Sept. 20: Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette and the Duke of York have all been satirised in nursery rhymes, so it is only right and proper that Tony Blair has finally received his due.

A competition to find new nursery rhymes for the 21st century has been won by a verse that questions the Prime Minister’s support for the Iraq war by painting him as a dishonest pizza maker.

The rhyme, Baker Tony’s Pizza, portrays a man who misleads the world and fails to deliver on his promises.

He advertises cheese and tomato pizzas that are in fact made with sawdust and red dye. Like all good children’s stories, it ends in tears.

Angela Martin, 57, the winning writer, said yesterday: “My inspiration came from my desire to educate our children on the politics of the Iraq war in a light-hearted fashion.”

The competition was run by Nick Jnr, satellite broadcaster Nickelodeon’s under-fives channel. It attracted more than 10,000 entries with subjects tackled ranging from the Pope’s death to the British general election and computers.

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