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Jobless' Blame it on school

Hyderabad, Sept. 18: If a hospital can be sued for faulty treatment, shouldn’t a school be made to pay for failing to provide good education'

Yes, says A. Narasing Lal of Nalgonda, who blames his government-run school for his inability to find a job and has asked the state for damages.

The 36-year-old man has sent a 10-page complaint to the state human rights commission saying the poor-quality education he received at school ' and the culture of cheating at exams it encouraged ' has turned him into a failure. He has demanded action against his teachers and the school.

Lal’s complaint specifically accuses two teachers of his zilla parishad school.

“These teachers of the government school encouraged mass copying during the exams and studious (and honest) pupils suffered because of it,” the complaint says. “Though I had studied well, I could not score better than others who had resorted to copying.”

As a result, he alleges, he failed to qualify for higher studies and “got drowned in the journey of life” as he couldn’t find a decent job.

“If the teachers had shown a little more concern for those who have faith in standards, they would not have done anything like this,” Lal says.

“The setback I received stunted my performance at other levels of education. The curse of my studying in such a school led to lower academic standards and resulted in unemployment and poverty for the rest of my life.”

Lal, a resident of Pillayalapalli village, about 145 km southeast of Hyderabad, neither named the school nor mentioned the year he passed the SSC exam in his letter.

But the rights panel has taken note of the complaint and initiated action against the education department to stop the practice of mass cheating in school exams.

“The commission has registered a suo motu case against the government and issued notices to both the state education secretary and the Nalgonda district education officer,” said its secretary A. Durga Prasad.

“The commission’s objective is to highlight the suffering of students who study in such schools.”

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