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Not so scary
Mystery fever grips Malda. Panic spreads as 100 down with high fever in Hooghly. Dengue strikes city, 6 dead; 32 out of 34 test positive. 200 new dengue cases in 24 hours. Dengue panic grips police force...” These are some of the headlines in dailies published from Calcutta in the last few week...  | Read.. 
Brain boost for the old
Elderly people can gain up to an extra 14 years of “cognitive youth” by doing mental exercises, scientists said last Tuesday. ...  | Read.. 
A knife that kills
The Japanese have produced more than their fair share of single-minded masters. There are sushi masters who have devoted their lives to the immaculate ...  | Read.. 
Not so scary
Evolving brain
Smell route
Old methane
Power of water
Flawed study
Sense of real touch
Artificial intellligence (AI) researchers are often criticised for not being able so far to deliver what has been expected of them: humanoid robots. It’s not that they aren’t trying to achieve that goal; rather, their progress has been very ...  | Read.. 
Plastic spaceship
Self-driving car
Fresh and juicy
In the never-ending battle against spots and split ends, it seems that some of us are willing to give anything a go. Last month, French women ' a constant source of inspiration and envy ' were reported to be spreading a new, beautifying jam, called ...  | Read.. 
Deep breath
Only a temporary cure
Mental fitness during cancer
AIDS vaccine creators need coordination
Breast milk and dehydration
Blockbuster diabetes pill
Crying begins in the womb
QED: Bill Gates’ nightmare
Who the hell is Kai-Fu Lee' What makes this 43-year-old Columbia University alumnus so important that two techno giants Microsoft and Google are locked in one of the most fierce legal battles in corporate rivalry' Well, Lee, who left Microsoft wanting ...  | Read.. 
Recommended: Debates over enigmatic fossils
Before Darwin: Reconciling god and nature; Keith Thomson Yale University Press; $ 18.99...  | Read.. 
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Why does a drink makes us hungry'
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